#11 | Custom Skin Builder
July 02 2015, 0 Comments

How to Order a Custom Skin

+ Step 1

Step 1 is to see if the Custom Skin builder is available for your device.

Find your device either on the dropdown menu at the top of the website,
or through the "what device do I have?" page.

If the device can be customised, there will be a large image, centered on the screen and below will be the customisation options.

If your device cannot be customised, don't worry, just write your dream combination in the order notes and we will do the best we can to make it happen. 


+ Step 2

Now you know your device can have a custom skin, its time to get designing.

Below the image of the device are a number of options in a large black box, here you can select which part you wish to customise and an array of materials will appear below. Choose the material that you want for the particular part and the image above will show you how your device will look. Once you have chosen your dream combination, move onto step 3.


+ Step 3

Time to choose which parts of your custom skin you want to order.

Below the customisation options there are some further choices. These are usually "Full Skin", "Front" and "Back" etc. The price will change depending on which part of your custom skin you want to order, but for the Full Custom Skin Experience, you should choose the "Full Skin" option.

+ Step 4

Once your happy with your Custom Skin Selection, you can add the design to your cart and either continue shopping or head straight to the checkout. The Custom Skin design will be sent to our warehouse where we will make your Custom Skin just for you.

Happy Designing

Until next time.