#9 | Post Gadget Show Live and New Devices
April 22 2015, 1 Comment

What a crazy month this has been!

U|Karbon @ The Gadget Show Live

Between 7th and 12th April, U|Karbon was at the Gadget Show Live. We had a little stall filled to the brim with carbon. As well as getting the chance to meet fellow carbon enthusiasts, we tackled our first trade show head on. Creating everything in the stall from scratch we made sure that it had the feel of our brand; Large posters displaying our range of products, games consoles and laptops allowing visitors to experience the product before taking one away and our carbon GoPro which was filming most of the event (the footage of which is being processed as I write this). To our left we had a scooter/laptop carrier which we thought would have been perfect to transport your carboned laptop around. To our right was a WIFI plug that would have been ideal to switch your hairdryer off after applying our skins (we thought anyway..). The show had a great atmosphere and a few great sights too, 5 of which were promotional models in heels, wearing lycra based opposite our stand. Safe to say we would have preferred them in carbon, but we weren't complaining. We've already booked up for next year and we are promising bigger and better and of course more carbon.

+ University

With Tom and myself in our final weeks of university, balancing our time is challenging. The end of university is drawing ever closer and long days in the library are exhausting. With final assignment hand-ins and dissertation deadlines in the next few weeks, we are excited to move on and have the opportunity to take U|Karbon to the next level. At the end of the day, it was our university that allowed us to take U|Karbon to the state that it is now and without their belief in our ambition, it would not have been possible. Enough soppy comments now and on to more exciting stuff

+ New Devices

At The Gadget Show Live, we had the opportunity to meet our customers face to face. This meant that we could really judge what devices we needed to focus on next as well as challenges that you would like the business to tackle. Being predominantly an online business, we rarely get the chance for real raw feedback from our customers and being there, at the show, applying skins, gave us the opportunity to gauge what products we were missing and needed to focus on in the future. Not least of these requests was the Retina MacBook Pro 15". The question "do you do a skin for the MacBook Pro Retina 15?" became so frequent that we were kicking ourselves at not having this available to our customers. Safe to say, we have learnt and will be adding this device to our range in the coming weeks. 

On top of the MacBook Pro, we are also bringing skins for the Samsung S6, Samsung Edge as well as the newest in the HTC flagship lineup, the M9. We will keep you posted we and when these reach our website.

+ New Apple Launches

If you haven't heard about the newest additions to the Apple lineup, the Apple Watch and the new MacBook, then where have you been hiding?

There has been mixed feelings about both of the devices and I have an opinion of them also. I am a real person you know. The Apple Watch seems like a good route for Apple to take. Add their design style to a part of your body that even more people can gawk at. However, I know I am not alone in thinking that with the first edition of many devices like this, there are certain restrictions that have been imposed. Let me elaborate: The choice of straps does not appeal to me, it seems a shame that you cannot really customise the watch face (classic Apple) and it can also seem sluggish at times. On a more positive side, it seems really well engineered, the design is very unlike the new Apple style, but i don't think that is a bad. Personally, I am excited to see the next release.

The Verge has a rather comprehensive and well put together review of the device here:


The new MacBook. As there is a 4 week waiting list for us to get our hands on one of these, we will not be able to offer a skin for at least that long, but rest assured, it will be there soon enough. 

The device itself personally took me a little off guard. Not because I didn't anticipate it, more that the leaked images of the design disappointed me, and when Apple finally got round to revealing their amazing new product, I was still disappointed. Let me explain why: I am currently writing this post form a 2011 MacBook Air 11". This device is small, lightweight and reasonably powered. The battery life is feeble and the resolution of the screen is nothing to shout about. The new MacBook has improved the battery life, I accept that, the size, not significantly different form this machine, and the performance? I really can't justify upgrading my MacBook Air, which I bought almost 4 year ago for a far more expensive device, that is not significantly more powerful, thinner or more usable than mine. Usable, because the new USB Type C port means that whenever I want to connect anything to the device, I have to purchase an adaptor from Apple. 

All that being said, the design choice fascinates me. Apple will always be seen as the peak of product design and as that is the field of my degree, it is my duty to question that.

Moving on swiftly...

+ Our Beats Competition

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you! Every purchase made at the Gadget Show Live was automatically entered into the running for a pair of Beats Solo HD, wrapped in carbon of course. The winner will be drawn at random this weekend, contacted and we will post the prize out to them.

Until next time.