#8 | New skins + New Products
February 27 2015, 0 Comments

As expected I didn't get the chance to write a post on Sunday evening, shock, but as always we've been busy. This week we managed to finish off the templates for the Note 4, Nexus 6 and the Sony Z1. All of the devices were again kindly lent to us by Clove and are now available to purchase from our store.




On the cards for us at the moment is the prep for the Gadget Show which is now only 6 weeks away. We're both very excited to present our brand to over 80,000 people, but not quite so excited about the mountain on stock we are having to prepare for it. It's definitely added to our workload but we don't mind. Pictures of our stand progress will be posted as and when we've got something more solid together so watch out for them soon. It would also be great to hear some suggestions as we are open to them.

After an evening of finishing off the Note 4, being the random guys that we are we decided to make a midnight purchase. We are now the owners of a new toy. A 3ft, carbon remote control helicopter. Why we bought it? Why not I guess. No idea how to fly it but I'm sure it will be quite fun giving it a go. Probably quite short lived though I would imagine, we're not 5 anymore.. 

So we obviously only sell skins on our site, but since starting U|Karbon we've had many requests for screen protectors too. The only thing is we're not really fans of flimsy screen protectors, we're much more about tempered glass. So it recently had us doing some research which led us to find a provider of that stuff that we feel is great quality - it's currently on my (Tom) phone. Hopefully by mid March we'll have tempered glass available to purchase and the range will be starting with the iPhone 5/5S and the 6. For those of you who aren't familiar with tempered glass it's basically glass that's really angry. I kid. In short it's really tough glass that's been hardened to prevent your screen from cracking. There will obviously be a full product description available when we're ready to launch it but we're very excited about adding different forms of protection to our store!

Lastly, before I go and finish off the literature review for my dissertation (yawn), we will be releasing this little rodent next week. Safe.