#7 | Directors Cut
February 15 2015, 0 Comments

So admittedly we don't post to our 'blog' that often but thats because it's difficult to find the time to run a business when you're stuck in the uni library studying for your final year. Despite the workload we remain committed to providing the best possible customer service we can and we always try to get orders posted out to you ASAP. However with everything we have going on at the moment it's no wonder that we sometimes go a little crazy, carbon becomes rarbon and rarbon becomes barbon..

Anyway we'll both be graduating this year from the University of Bournemouth so we'll have more time for U|Karbon (you-carbon). We plan on introducing a new range of different skins including matte finishes, brushed metal and wood grain effects. For now we literally don't have the time to re-photo everything but come May they will be available along with screen protectors as well as custom skins too!

Come April we'll be showing our faces at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham from the 7-12th so if you're about come and meet us? Lots of things to plan and arrange in the mean time but 'Carbon Corner' is where it's going to be at. We're taking our cutter, which we've called Ken, on a business trip to raise awareness of our growing company, flog some skins, run a few competitions and do a few give aways. One of which will be some Beats by Dre - good headphones but nothing on Harry's Bang & Olufsen H6's #swag.

You may or may not know that we work with a local company called Clove Technology. These guys list our products on their site and also lend us phones to carbon. We currently hold the Z1, Note 4 and the Nexus 6. Templates will be complete over the next few days and the products will be available as and when. After this we aim to get skins for the Macbook Pro Retina 15" along with some Nokia devices too. You can check out Clove @ http://www.clove.co.uk/ and while you're there you may as well read a few articles they have written on us @ http://blog.clove.co.uk/?s=ukarbon, one of which includes an interview about ourselves (Tom & Harry) and our company.

So while you're here I thought I'd show you some behind the U|Karbon scenes stuff. On the right is an afternoons worth of orders that our cutter (Ken) has churned out for us. We design our templates on Adobe Illustrator (which takes hours and hours by the way) and from this Kenneth cuts them out for us. The next step is weeding the skins, a process which requires us to pick out all the little cut outs one by one - pretty long too. After this we cut them down, package them up and nip down to our local post office which is literally a 2 minute walk away!

So anyway thats a wrap from me (Tom) for tonight. I've got uni in the morning and a dissertation to crack on with. I am usually always available on our LiveChat feature so hit me up on there if you need anything. I will aim to get a post out every Sunday around this time but I am going to be honest it probably won't happen. We will be running a Polar White sale this week so watch out for that if you're interested in 25% off and if you're nosey catch us on Instagram @summerfieldtom and @hazzahex. Obviously we'd be grateful for any likes and follows on our U|Karbon social media pages too.

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Not a great deal of stuff gets uploaded to these but again it comes down to not having the time. Busy week ahead as always. Peace.